Sign Fabrication

With over 25 years of experience in the Sign Fabrication Business, we at Robert Neon strive to provide our customers with the Best, High-Quality, Sophisticated, Affordable yet Attractive Signs. We specialize in all types of sign solutions such as Large Format Printing (Light Boxes, Front Lit Banners, and Canvas etc.), Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Channelume and even Acrylic Letters. With our employee’s focus on the smallest detail such as wiring elements to the installation process, everything is planned for the customer’s satisfaction.With over 40 well-trained staff, ranging from professional marketing and sales, quality control, service and maintenance, fast working experienced workers, our company has obtained trust and satisfaction from well-known companies in the United Arab Emirates.

The kind of work that goes into fabricating a sign are basically welding, custom routing jobs, custom neon tubing, or high-efficiency LED wiring. But everything starts at site inspection and design. This is where the customer chooses a certain type of sign, whether it is backlit or front lit, or both. Upon client approval the real job starts. Design goes to router cutting or laser cutting depending on the job at hand. From there it goes to Custom Neon Tubing or LED wiring, depending on what kind of lighting was approved by the client. Everything is put together until finally it goes off to installation. We offer different types of signs, such as